//The Magnificence of Shirdi Sai Baba
One hundred one years of Maha Samadhi

The Magnificence of Shirdi Sai Baba

The life and stories of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi give ample opportunities for a devotee to delve and get a direct glimpse of the mystic path that lies ahead. The magnificence of Shirdi Sai Baba is as relevant today as was during his earthly sojourn. Torn between contradictions of life and a longing for eternal happiness, the devotee yearns to find a way to the ever-elusive path of divinity. For some people, the word God invokes a negative response.

The Quest for Knowledge

Despite any argument put forth, the fact is that human beings neither created nor are preserving the world. Some superior intelligence, form or being has created and preserves the vast universe around us with all its inherent diversity. The human race is but a tiny part of the cosmos. Mankind has been seeking answers to our origin and relationship to the cosmos since time immemorial.

This eternal quest of humanity reflects in various ancient literature of the world. From the stone age, when battling the fury of elements and living among other creatures preoccupied people to the modern times where development in science provides an opportunity for a comfortable life for the majority of people around the word, the human mind and intelligence has evolved exponentially. Yet, the answers to origin, vastness and workings of the universe and its creator are as elusive today as they were in stone age or before.

Over time, people started to gain knowledge of some of the workings of the universe both at macro and micro level. Great thinkers left their knowledge, views and opinions vocally which got handed down over time. It got recorded in writing as civilization progressed in what are commonly called scriptures.

Age of Revolution

The age of revolution in thinking that started in late eighteenth century, ushered in new concepts. Rapid advancement in science and technology changed the earlier approach and brought material progress. But then, the elusive questions still remain.

It is the nature of quest that itself is elusive. Mankind is a product of nature and not the creator. It can well study and learn from the phenomenon in Nature but does not have powers over it. It is this that leads to acceptance of a higher power or circles of power and energy that drives our quest. We call it Spiritual quest as we have yet to understand the nature of Spirit in scientifically speaking terms.

Spiritual Guidance

This is where we fall back on the ancient collective wisdom of civilization that tells us that the Spiritual knowledge may be acquired by following a preceptor (called Perfect Masters) adept in Spiritual Wisdom. It is through the grace and benevolence of these Perfect Masters that we can find our way into Spirituality.

While on His sojourn on Earth and one hundred one years after his sojourn, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba has constantly guided many of his devotees through their quest and continues to do so even today. His magnificence remains unparalleled in today’s time. His stories are a beacon of light to his seekers even today. Millions of devotees worldwide who throng to his temples attest to the magnificence of Shirdi Sai Baba.