//Saint of Shirdi: A man of His words

Saint of Shirdi: A man of His words

The presence of Shri Sainath in the lives of millions today stands as a testimony to His continued presence in the lives of his devotees. Each prophecy and promise made by Baba while He remained in His mortal body has turned out to be true and His words can be found to be true to this day. Baba had clearly said “My bones will speak and discuss the welfare of those who will put their full faith in me even after my passing away”. On another occasion He had commented about the village of Shirdi, “People will crawl to this place like ants in the future”. Blessing Hemadpant to write a book on His life stories, Baba had said, “People who are naturally attracted to me will feel happiness and joy on hearing my name and stories”. When a devotee was worried as to what will happen to him once Baba passes away, Baba clearly told him not to worry and that “He will be ever present with him and whenever the devotee called him with love, He will solve his difficulties”. When another devotee thought that he had seen Baba in a dream ordering him to do something and went to confirm the same, Baba said, “No that was no dream, it was me telling you personally; I require no doors to enter any place”.

Similar incidents as written in Shree Sai Satcharita are happening even today. The only difference is that they are happening all over the world! There is another story in Satcharita of a Mrs. Saptanekar being followed by a fakir offering help to carry the water pitchers and she later discovered that the fakir was none else than Baba when she saw His picture. A similar incident happened in Connecticut, USA this month where a stranger continuously visited an American lady. On every visit the stranger told her one incident from her life that only she was aware of. On the last visit she started to get eerie and started to do some research and stumbled on the picture of Shirdi Sai Baba on the Internet. Strangely enough the stranger who visited her a few times turns out to be none other than the great master himself and more curiously the stranger has not visited her since the time she stumbled on the picture! Here dictums of Baba, “Wherever my devotee may go in this whole wide world, I am aware of his or her life and will draw him or her to me, when it is time, like a sparrow tied with a thread to its leg” and “We have been together for 72 generations, only I know them all and you do not remember”, comes out to be true.

For one who follows Shri Shirdi Sai with love and devotion, it is necessary to reemphasize their faith and evolve patience to overcome the curves that life pitches in from time to time. Losing courage and thinking that Shri Shirdi Sai has deserted them will only bring unbearable agony and pain. Like a parent, Shri Shirdi Sai never deserts his children. At the same time a mother will not refrain from giving a bitter pill to her child if it is needed! True to his words, Shri Shirdi Sai works tirelessly for his ever-growing children and the children need to be conscious of the path laid by the master and make every attempt to walk on it. Baba himself has said that the path is not easy, so why cry when the going gets tough? Remember Baba with a pure heart and true to His words, His grace will carry one safely through life’s tough situations.