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Marigold Plant

Community Garden

During his sojourn in Shirdi, Sai Baba used to plant marigold seeds and maintain a garden which was called Lendi Baugh. (garden by the stream). Over the years, Baba regularly attended to the garden and used to carry pitchers of water and irrigate them. Subequently that pious land became the final resting place of Baba and is largely known as Samadhi Mandir.

Marigold Plant
Marigold plant in custom made planter made of tree trunk

Keeping the tradition alive, Saibaba.Org maintains plots of community garden where volunteers come together and annually plant the garden with annuals and perennials under the program “Annual Seeds of Love”. Roses and Marigold along with seasonable vegetables grow in the garden each year. The flowers from the garden are daily used in various pooja services and for garlands. The vegetables are cooked and offered to Baba as Naivedya and later distributed as prasad to those present.

In addition to an opportunity to volunteer in the community garden, the exercise also helps one maintain an active life style leading to health benefits.


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