//Storm Within
Shirdi Sai Baba Painting

Storm Within

When a storm brews inside one; it uproots and shakes the foundations of one’s faith and beliefs.  When it is further fueled by pride, ego and jealousy, it creates hatred and one starts pouring venom out on everyone.  Loved ones and strangers alike get hurt in the rage that burns inside one.  The mind not being calm or clear, oscillates between two opposite extremes.  It makes one feel that the entire world is their enemy and there is not one that they can trust.  The raging inferno if not checked within, defeats all logic and reason and leads one into a miserable situation.

Not realizing the best course of action, such persons often make mistakes which they are sure to repent in the future.  They shut themselves off in a self-built cocoon.  Even their spouse, family or friends who try to help them with pure intentions are misunderstood.  Such is the mental state to which one is drawn fueled by a figment of one’s own imagination.  The starting point of such a behavior may be some negative experience but the triggering effect is provided by their internal negative thoughts.

When such persons are exposed to the Sadh guru, the Perfect Masters draw away their negativity and take it upon themselves, thus providing much needed relief of such souls.  The masters seek explicit faith that they can help and patience on part of the persons undergoing such mentally strenuous experiences.  Covering themselves with the non-measurable compassion of the perfect master and their ocean of mercy, one can tide over such emotionally disturbing experiences and in the process gain control of their lives, leading to happiness and peace of mind.