//Priyanka’s experience with Shirdi Sai Baba

Priyanka’s experience with Shirdi Sai Baba

Bangalore: –  by Priyanka PV

We have only read in books that Baba comes home in some form or the other and the bliss experienced by the devotees.  But only when miracles happens personally to us do we understand the bliss experienced by such devotees..

Here is my experience..

Our family has been undergoing tough times last year and I have been praying to Baba very sincerely to give solutions.  I have a small puja area which I have created for myself in my house on the side table of my bedroom. Its my habit to first take darshan of all the little idols of Baba and other Gods as soon as I wake up and then carry about my duties of the day.  On the last day of last year i.e. on 31st December, when I woke up as usual I went to pray to my Gods and to my utter surprise I find the symbol “Om” written in Hindi.  I called my mother and grandmother and we were all very thrilled and believed that all our problems were coming to an end as Baba himself has appeared to bless us.  Along with the Om was a slip on which was written that Udhi will cure all our health problems.  There was also a packet of Udhi on Baba’s photo.  Exactly after 10 days, once again there another symbol written in  Udhi as “SAI” and once again we were all very happy at home.

On 8th Feb’09, my grandmother cleaned up my room and she also cleaned up both the symbols Om and Sai.  This made me very depressed and I cried and cried and cried.  I was very upset and angry with my mom and grandmother.  I removed all my little idols from the table and told my mother that I will put the idols back on my table only after Baba comes back again. My mom as well as my Grandmother felt very bad and they were also depressed and cried a lot.  My grandmother went to Sai Baba Mandir and also to a few other temples apologizing to God for whatever she has done.  None of us were happy and today i.e. 11th Feb.. to our utter surprise both the symbols Om and Sai has come back along with a slip stating that Baba wanted the idols back in place.  There was also a heap of Udhi on the paper on which we received Baba’s note.  The paper was stuck to the table in spite of the fact that there was no glue at home.

Now, my mom, grandmother and myself were so thrilled and happy.  We called a few of our friends who came home to take Baba’s blessings and Udhi.  We are all very happy once again and we are cherishing every moment of this bliss.

 We feel very blessed and we thank Baba for all His blessings being showered upon us.  Thank you Baba.. thank you very much and please bless everybody in this world so that there is only peace, love and happiness everywhere.  Love you Baba.