//Bharat’s Experience

Bharat’s Experience

USA: by Bharat

Today is Dhanteras day in USA. I had planned to get a silver murthi of Baba. Searching online, I found some choices but was not satisfied. They were either too small or the posture was not what I had in mind. When I arrived in Edison, I visited couple of stores, but they did not have any Shirdi Sai Baba murthi.

When I went to the next store, the owner greeted me and asked me what I would like to see. I told him that I was looking for Baba’s silver murthi. He asked me what size. I told him the size and he was very surprised. He told me that he had received a similar size murthi two days ago from India. He had placed an order for a silver murthi of Mahalaxmi goddess, but when he opened the package, he found Baba’s murthi instead.

I was elated because that was the style of murthi I wanted. This murthi was the only one available in that size. All other Baba murthis were approximately one-fifth the size of this one.

Turns out the owner and his family are all Baba devotees. His family narrated their experiences of Baba. As I left the store after purchasing the murthi, his wife called me back to give me a udi packet from Shirdi.

Thanks Baba.