//The Power of Helplessness
Painting Shirdi Sai Baba

The Power of Helplessness

Humility and Surrender

We usually hear people call themselves humble Sai devotees and that they have surrendered themselves to Sai Baba. But in real life, one can understand how difficult it is to express the kind of humility that Baba himself showed by example and the struggle that happens in the name of one’s surrender to Baba. It is a constant tussle between one’s wants and the needs, wanting to have a cake and eat it too! Unless one realizes his own helplessness and the greatness of Baba, it is not possible to even remotely understand what humility or surrender is.

How many can honestly claim that they have reached their goals in life, whether it is their career or other objectives all by themselves without anyone’s help? Even if one claims so, how assured are they that they can hold the fort as long as they want? A crash at stock exchange can turn a prince into pauper! Or the news of a terminal illness can be enough to throw one into despair.

Baba’s Unconditional Miracles

When a miracle happens or a wish fulfilled upon prayers to Baba, one should realize the unconditional nature of Baba’s help, who exhorts that he will be with us until the end. Even when things do not go the way one wishes, careful observation would reveal that what had happened is ultimately good. One will know that he is not in control of the things, and a strong wish even for apparently a good cause, can still be a wish unfulfilled.

Humility comes naturally when one truly understands his limitations and helplessness, and surrender is experienced as the entrustment of one’s life in the hand of Saibaba. And the power of helplessness is realized when one’s surrender is understood as loving dependence on Sri Sai’s protection, his perennial power and capacity.