//Why Is It Difficult to Keep Trust in One Place?
Shirdi Saii Baba

Why Is It Difficult to Keep Trust in One Place?

When prayers to Sri SaiBaba are answered, one gets overwhelmed with emotion, singing praises of gratitude to Baba. However, if the prayers are unanswered, the trust in Baba is watered down and there goes the roller coaster of living between fleeting happiness and a doubtful despair. Why does not one rest easy, assured that Baba will provide what is necessary and guide throughout life?

Trust in Baba

The first question to contemplate on is, whether one’s trust is in Baba and Baba alone? More often people do several other things and practices in addition to praying to Baba and when the prayers are answered they are not quite sure if the source of solace is Saibaba or something else. They settle for an easy explanation that “all is well that ends well”. Baba said emphatically and unequivocally that God has entrusted him with a few lives and his job is to take care of their welfare. He also said that unless he wills nobody can go to him. Hence, first of all, one should be hundred percent convinced about the fact that he or she is attracted to Baba because it is Baba’s calling, and it is his business to take care of them.

Pay Attention

Secondly, during distress, after praying to Baba for relief, one should pay attention to the response received. Whether the prayers are answered or not, one needs to carefully observe its impact in the bigger context of one’s life, not just short-term gains or losses. This is when Baba’s meticulous way of planning our lives will reveal itself. One begins to ease, and rest happily and begin to lead the life with the conviction that Baba is providing everything and he is taking care of us every step of the way. The question whether the prayers are answered or not answered takes a backseat and one begins to joyously wonder about the peace that Baba is capable of brining into one’s life.

Keep Mind at Peace

Thirdly and most importantly, one should work on keeping the chattering of the mind at bay. Mind can be man’s biggest enemy in the matters of trust. It is good at distorting one’s experiences with its narrow judgment. It is very easy to give in to mind’s vagaries when things go wrong and the logic based on limited knowledge points towards illusory conclusions as a result of negative thinking and doubting nature. When a prayer is not answered, one devoted to Sai should remember that he or she belongs to Baba and it is his business to care for the welfare, and recollect the previous instances of Baba’s guidance and guardianship, and the rich experiences that Baba had provided. Constant remembrance of Baba and involving in activities related to Baba is one easy way of keeping mind somewhat under control.

If one would reflect on the above, it can be understood that trust is not a remote feeling of “blind chance” that things will “somehow” work out. On the other hand, trust is a concrete experience of Baba’s role in our lives that can be intellectually understood and relished to one’s complete conviction!