//Resurrection of Sadguru Sainath

Resurrection of Sadguru Sainath

In 1886 AD, Sai Baba left His physical body for three days entrusting it to the great devotee Mhalsapathy. Mhalsapathy sat for three full days with Sai Baba’s body on his lap waiting for Him to return. The epitome of faith and patience, the greatest of Sai devotees, Mhalsapathy’s prayers were answered when Sai returned after 72 hours. Recorded incidents show that during this period of absence from His physical body, Sai Baba appeared to His devotees several hundreds miles away.

The coming back to “life”, or resurrection, of Sadguru Sainath has a similarity to the resurrection of Jesus Christ who rose to life three days after He was put to death. One source on the Christ says, “If only His earthly body was dead, then He was the same “spiritual being” with all the power and glory in the three days His body was in the grave that He has now or had before He came to earth”. How true! A careful examination of these incidents shows the limitlessness of the divine. Sai said, “My tomb will speak”. This proved right as millions of his devotees still listen to Him even after several years of His physical demise.

On the day of Christmas, the celebrated of spiritual times, let us remind ourselves of His true nature that transcends time and space and His ever presence in our lives and His glory.