//Are both Science and God necessary in modern life?

Are both Science and God necessary in modern life?

Science has challenged existing religious beliefs and practices since 19th and through 20th century to present time. It has increased our knowledge of life, our world and the universe. With its speed of advancement and technology, the knowledge acquired almost doubles every ten years or so. It has replaced earlier mediums of communication and has become the de facto language of modern communications in the fields of education, research, technical, professional fields, etc. It also serves as a medium to bring people from different nations together cutting across divisions in ethnicity, faith, culture, language, etc. Science has improved the material quality of life through various innovations. Science will continue to rise to greater heights and explain many complex and hidden mysteries of Nature.

The deeper Scientists probe into the secrets of universe, one would expect more, that, God would fade away from their thinking. Yet, to the contrary it is becoming clearer that Scientists despair to draw inferences about unknown mysteries of Nature by reason alone. They are being challenged to face up to the possibility of an intelligent design at play in the Universe. (adorned in most sacred-texts around the world as God or its synonym).

Science has yet to provide answers to some significant questions such as:

    • Why was the universe created?
    • What existed before the so-called Big Bang theory?
    • How the first organism emerged from inanimate matter on this planet?
    • How did life forms that consist of advanced cells emerge from simple organisms?
    • Why is our world so precisely tailor-made for the emergence of life?
    • How did consciousness arise in living beings?
    • What allows Human beings to understand the mysteries of Nature that surrounds us?
    • Considering that all Human beings are bestowed with similar intelligence, why mysteries of Nature are understood only by a few of us?

Since dawn of civilizations, discoveries have been happening.

The discoveries of ancient ages are aptly recorded as hymns and verses of various sacred texts.

The discoveries of mid ages drove innovations such as sun dial, compass and others as seen in the
archaeological sites of past civilizations.

The discoveries of modern age result in innovations that are supposed to benefit mankind improve quality of life.

Neither all discoveries lead to innovations nor all innovations benefit mankind.

When the power of Lord’s grace flows, discoveries happen and when innovations are dedicated to the world, they become eternal laws of nature and continue to guide and evolve humanity.

In a nutshell, modern science is yet to prove God’s absence in creation.

Religion and Science serve Humanity’s urge to search for truth and meaning of our existence and to appreciate the wonders of the Cosmos that surrounds us. Both are necessary in one’s life for attaining spiritual growth. Appreciate the role of both these sources of knowledge and not let one overpower the role of the other.