//Story of Shirdi Sai Baba’s grace and guidance

Story of Shirdi Sai Baba’s grace and guidance

This is mere not an experience for me but it is a miracle and story of grace and guidance Shirdi Sai Baba made it happen in my life. Whenever I used to read prayers and experiences of other devotees I used to roll on with tears in my eyes how Baba can be everywhere in the world to bring out devotees from their problems and sorrows. I really had some difficult time in my past about my family matters. I used to ask Baba every time why this is happening to me. Why can’t I make people happy whom I love most in my life.

My sister whom I love most had a terrible past. To say in brief she had a love marriage and within a few months, she came to know she was cheated. Her husband was very kind in nature but then he was not having proper job. He didn’t even finish his schooling and she is post-graduate. Life started to get tough for her. On and above her in-laws side were also were not supportive. I tried my level best to support her in every way.

However, that was not end of her problems, within a year of marriage we got to know that her husband is suffering from a fatal disease. It was a big shock for her and even to me. Her husband said not to disclose this news to his family since already they are not giving any support and if they will come to know about this disease he will die early than what he has destined. He couldn’t do any kind of job. And my sister was suffering all that time. There was no income source for her, her husband needed attention all the time. Slowly his health started to get very bad.

Being a realist, I asked her to get a divorce but since it was her love marriage, she did not want to leave him alone. The intention was to take divorce but not to leave him alone because he was at his final stage and if he would have passed away she would have remained as his widow, which I didn’t want because in future life would have been much difficult for her, at least in Indian society to live behind as a widow of a person who died with disease.

In that process 5 years passed. My sister and I strongly believe in Saibaba. Every time I used to pray for her and asked Baba to give us strength to face difficulties in life. When things went out of hand, we informed her in-laws but then they were not ready to take responsibility of their own son. At that time, my sister started to work but her income was so less hardly she could take care of his and her daily life. In those circumstances, it was very difficult for her to take care of him. That time we came to a decision that at least at his last stage his family should take care of him to which they disagreed. Finally, we filed for divorce. Her in-laws made our life more miserable.

Those days were really tough for us. But I know Baba was with us, finally divorce got cleared. After divorce, my sister was always in off mood. Her mental status affected but then that time also we stood in life with help of Baba. Two years passed after divorce, and I was trying to settle her life back but then she was not ready for re-marry. It was very difficult to get a person who can understand the whole situation and accept her without any grievances, which was more difficult.

And then miracle a happened. I come across a person from one of the marriage websites, who settled in UK. Initially I was totally against it since she had a bad past and suffered a lot. I don’t want to take another risk by sending her abroad. Also we are from middle class family and we couldn’t have able to afford such foreign proposals. But as we always say marriages are fixed in heaven, I explained each and every situation of her past life to him and he agreed to go ahead. It took 4-5 months to get things on proper track. Initially my sister was hesitant to talk to him since she never had any conversation with a person who stays abroad. But as I said it is miracle, that person made her to feel easy in every aspect.

He made her to speak to his family, his mother, sister etc. Gradually my sister started to have proper conversation with them. We started in September 2006 and finally my sister got married in India on 11th February 2007. Things were just not over, when we applied for UK visa her application was rejected by British Embassy on many grounds. We were upset. We were not sure and we had no path to go ahead. But from February 2007 to June 2007 we applied twice for visa and second time she got cleared with it. My sister is now in UK.

In every difficult situation Baba was with us. I know we all have Shraddha on Baba but sometimes we are impatient and we lack in Saburi. But every time I prayed to Him in my difficult days. I asked Him to give me strength to face difficulties in life. I just can’t forget what He has done for me. It was sheer miracle in my life that my sister got such a husband who loves her in any circumstances, in spite of knowing her bad past. Today I am much happy to see her settling down in her life.

I am just an ordinary human being, I cannot write much about Baba, but the only thing I can say is, He is the Master for me. He is everything for me. When you totally give yourself to Baba, He takes care of you. So all my friends, just have complete faith in Him and you will be free from worries. I know it’s difficult to follow in our tough situation but then we need to follow His mantra i.e. “Faith and Patience”.

(Contributed by Vijay)

This article first appeared in Sai Vichaar on Jul 26, 2007, Vol 10, Issue 11