//My first trip to Shirdi

My first trip to Shirdi

This is the incidence which occurred in about 1978 when I first went to visit Shirdi. We were about 9 people going by Jeep. But I could not reach Shirdi as our Jeep was not moving at all towards Shirdi. Whenever we started from Goti village it will stop after going for some distance. We tried everything. Even brought spark plug from Nashik. But to no avail. After being there for 3 days we returned. From our group 4 people who were gone to Nashik to bring some parts visited Shirdi. They thought money was with us & hence did not have Lunch because they have to travel back to Goti Village. Money was with them only in shoulder bag they were carrying. & we could not go to Shirdi as we did not have money to travel. There were no Mobile phones.

So I could not visit Shirdi.

After that I went to Shirdi alone by State Transport from Thane. I was not knowing where to go or how to go to Temple. As soon as I got down from bus in the morning a person came to me and enquired about how I will stay. I was not aware of where to go. He took me to Mandir’s guest house helped me get room for Bathing etc. Than he took me to samadhi mandir and said stand here by holding your hand on samadhi. The Abhishek was done by Milk then water etc. Next he even helped me take part in Satyanarayan pooja and took me to all the places in Shirdi. I believe Baba helped me. I wish to thank Saibaba for this from my heart. I have visited n no. of times after that.

by Nainesh Trivedi