//Events in a Sai Devotee’s life

Events in a Sai Devotee’s life

I would like to share with the fellow devotees my situation and how Baba came in my life every time and saved me. When things don’t happen as we please, we become very upset and try to think hard that why something I prayed for didn’t happen. Well, as mentioned in Satcharitha, Baba has a bigger plan for each one of us. Let’s not get upset over little hurdles, which Baba gives to test our devotion. Let’s pray even harder with firmer faith in Him.

My parents had been seeking alliances for me for quite sometime. They would not take leave from work so that they can take it if my wedding would take place. This was going on for few years. They were very depressed and had no hope that some day it would happen. I was living alone and also quite depressed and frankly lost hope. My parents starting visiting temples far and near and visited Shirdi, where they were given Kumkum and Haldi. We considered this very auspicious and we started looking at life again with little hope and my confidence in Baba grew.

Hearing to our situation, my friend took my birth details for horoscope to show to a pandit who was well versed in this. When the pandit looked at my horoscope, he said, even if the wedding is set to start, it would not be completed. It will be stopped in the mandap itself. He said that if we performed some puja for Rs. 19,000, then the dosha would go and everything will take place smoothly. When my friend told me this, I was heart broken. I informed my parents and apparently all of us were heart broken. Since, our family prays a lot, we all decided to just have faith on Baba and not do any such puja as suggested by the pandit and have faith in Baba who will do the best for us.

Six months passed by like that. I had bought a car and along with a friend went to the temple to get the vahana-puja done. We were surprised as to why so many people were there at the temple. And then realized that it was the auspicious day of SriRama Navami. There in the temple, a girl was standing and was distributing Akshitha to everyone. I too got a packet and asked the pujari as to when he would be able to perform the puja for my car. He said…u have come for the God’s wedding, have lunch and then come. All will be good for you. I was very happy.

Soon, I got in touch with a prospective person and met him once. As soon as I saw him, I felt Baba saying in my ears….He is the one. And in less than a month’s time, the wedding was to take place.

I was very worried along with my brother and parents remembering about the pandit’s words. But there was one strong belief that said that Baba would do the best for our family and since we intentionally didn’t hurt anyone, Baba would take care of us.

I kept praying with firmer devotion. I badly wanted to go to Shirdi, but unfortunately couldnot. I went to the temple, which is close to my house and imagined that to be Shirdi. I said to myself that if within that week, if I receive Baba’s prasad from Shirdi, then all will go well. And guess, in 3 days, one of our family friends came to our house and told me that my wedding card had reached Shirdi via her husband and it fell on Baba’s feet. My eyes were filled with tears and my joy knew no bounds. She said that she would bring the prasad as soon as her husband returns which she did. Thus, my faith in Baba became even firmer.

Then, the day of wedding was fast approaching. I prayed to Baba that He attend my wedding and bless us. And He did fulfill my wish: 1) A man who came to bless us had a chain with Baba’s face as pendent 2) Another man had a pen which had the picture of Saibaba 3) My mother’s colleague gave me a silver idol of Baba as a wedding gift. 4) I had ring on my finger and Baba is with me all the time.

The wedding took place peacefully with Baba’s blessings and today as I write this, its 6 months after my wedding. I found a perfect fit in my life and family only with the blessing of Sainath.

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