//Devotee Experience Nitheesh

Devotee Experience Nitheesh

Chicago: by Nitheesh, Muscat

Sairam, As Usual like every year we visited Shirdi for Baba’s darshan and fortunately this time we got the opportunity to attend all 4 aartis in a day. Rush was as usual and we stayed in Bhaktanivas by online booking.

On the way back from Shirdi my wife lost her valet containing foreign currencies and her ID card belongs to Oman, which we came to know after crossing Shegaon, which is 6 hours from Shirdi through Manmad. As the purse fell in Sansthan premises, one of the staff from sansthan informed to my parents staying in Muscat as he got the number from that then info pass to us. Thanks to representatives of Sansthan and our friend Prasad from Hotel Swami Madras who help in reaching the same to us in safe condition. It never happen any wrong thing during our stay in Shirdi ever and we were quiet upset with this incident later, which Baba proved his omniscient presence with us.

Our daughter admission in Indian school Muscat was to be declared (lucky draw for KG1) on the day we were reaching Shirdi and authorities said that we should secure the admission in next two days of declaration which could force us to cancel our Shirdi trip. We were in dilemma about the trip but decided not to cancel the trip, will face the consequence and did not grumble this at home as parents could be in tension. Once we finished the Dhoop aarti and return to home and found the message that she got selected but no clue about date for securing admission we kept saburi till leaving Shirdi and later found in website that we have time upto another 10 days and now she got admission. It is very difficult some time to understand Baba’s test on us mostly we fails due to lack of Saburi even our Shraddha is strong.