//Devotion and Self-Realization

Devotion and Self-Realization

“God is One”

Sadguru is the substance of all scriptures and He is the wisdom that pervades eternity. The purpose of the seeker is to seek the depths of such an entity in order to quench the thirst; the blessing only mankind is bestowed with in nature. Known as sadhana, such a pursuit is the subject of discussions, arguments, speculations and postulations suited to the human convenience. True, religions and sects all talk about the same, yet we have many religions and sects. Let us not however forget that Baba refutes any argument in the name of God and he said without mincing words, “All are same”, and “God is One”.

Baba’s statement through Anantrao Patankar’s episode in Sai Satcharitha that devotion is the most important qualification required to realize the supreme has most profound impression on His followers, then and now. Bhakti-maarg or the path of devotion is sure to lead one to God that exists in the self and elsewhere. Baba had stressed repeatedly the importance of realizing the self; the story of merchant seeking Brahma Gyan (the knowledge of the Supreme that exists within and out) in Sri Sai Satcharita is an excellent example.

Devotion and the Pursuit of Self-Knowledge

How does devotion lead to the pursuit of the knowledge of the self? Even before we ask that question, one may wonder whether something known as “self realization” really exists. The surprising answer to the question is Yes! Mankind completely dwells in the realization of grosser perceptions; the abilities that define the self to its fullest beauty, ” I realize, therefore, I am! However, the term self-realization in its spiritual context is completely subtle and difficult to comprehend.

Baba said that His coffers are open and those who seek shall be given. In this context, the subtleties of realizing the self assumes enormous importance if one were to pay attention. Let us all on this beautiful Thursday spend a moment on seeking Sadhguru’s treasures that lead us to our own subtle nature, the material that is all pervading