//Baba’s mission

Baba’s mission

The term “Mission” is derived from the Latin “Mitto” meaning “to send”. So, a missionary is the one who is sent with a message or direction. As used in the Christian literature, a mission was the most valuable characteristic of the lives of such great Prophets as Moses, Jesus, and others. Jesus’ mission was by His own death to absolve mankind from hereditary or original sin, that is, the sin derived by being the descendents of the first sinners, Adam and Eve. His death was considered as a sacrifice on behalf of entire humanity. Others’ mission, for example, Moses’ was to lead the Jews from captivity in Egypt on towards the Promised Land. The idea of a missionary is practically that of an agent. In the case of Sai Baba, he declared, “God has agents everywhere, they have great powers”. Baba added, “I also have great powers”, implying thereby that he was also an agent of God. He also expressly told D.S. Rasane, “I can do nothing except when God orders”. He did not give a kupni to G.G. Narke saying, “The Fakir (God) has not permitted me to give you a kupni”, i.e., the rope of a sanyasi or begging fakir, as G.G. Narke was to be a family man, an earning Grihastha, according to God’s plan and not a beggar. As an agent, he said that he had vast powers. The powers and the mission have a close relation. The mission has to be worked through the powers given and the powers are given only for carrying out the mission. Baba had by concentration on God practically every siddhi (Great Power) that one can think of. Srimad Bhagavadgeetha says, “What power is there that can not be got by concentration on God with conquest or control of mind and senses and breath?”

Baba’s vast powers were always utilized for the benefit of mankind, promoting individual benefits that were obvious, seen, and well understood, and general benefits which were not so equally obvious or well seen and understood. We have to consider the mission of Baba based on the possession of His powers and notice what general benefits were conferred on the country or mankind, though these are not yet obvious to most people.

Swami, B.V.Narasimha, Baba’s Mission, Sai Prabha, October 1987