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Sai Baba in Dwarkamai Pose
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"Cunning fellow, he does bhajan on the way and enquires from others. Why ask others? Everything we should see with our own eyes; where is the necessity to question others?” Saibaba said these words to Lala Lakshmichand as Lala approached Baba in the Masjid. A few days earlier, Lakshmichand saw a saintly person in his dream without knowing who he was. Later, he recognized the person in his dream as Saibaba after seeing Baba’s picture at a ballad performed by Dasganu at his friend’s place. It was Dasganu’s practice to always keep Baba’s picture at his enactment. Lala Lakshmichand’s curiosity to see Baba culminated in his trip to Shirdi. On his way to Shirdi, Lakshmichand enquired about Baba and had so many questions about him in his mind. As Lala’s doubts were cleared his love for Baba grew strong and he became a staunch devotee of Baba.

On another occasion, one of the eminent Sai devotees BV Dev was taken to task by Baba for asking another devotee about he could secure Baba’s grace for his spiritual advancement. Baba accused BV Dev in his characteristic way, “you stole my rags, you old grey haired fool!” Later Baba cooled down and explained why BV had to ask others anything if Baba is there himself to provide everything. Baba said, “I am sitting here ready to give you the whole gold-embroidered Shella (valuable cloth), then why go to others to steal rags, and why should you get into the habit of stealing?"

The above incidents show Saibaba’s omniscience, His capacity to know everything that happens. They also highlight another important aspect of devotion and that is Trust. Not able to trust one’s own experiences is truly a deplorable state, and the lack of trust and relying on second hand experience amounts to no less than stealing according to Baba. The word trust is defined as the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength and truth of someone. If a Sai devotees cannot trust Baba’s character and capability, how can they even call themselves Sai devotees or dependents on Saibaba? Trust can hardly stay with a mind that constantly vacillates between extremes. What is needed is to curb such mental tendencies and stay sensitive to one’s own experiences with Baba. Without that sensitivity no experience can be felt. Cultivating the habit of focusing on Baba and developing that sensitivity, one’s trust in Baba will greatly increase and they will be able to lead a peaceful life assured that they have Baba’s power, capacity and authority to take care of their mundane and spiritual lives.

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In the cycle of Time, everything gets recycled and in the process brings about development and new ideas for the next generation. This is true of living as well as non living beings. Some changes take a long cycle while others are short. Apart from the cycle of Nature that induces changes, Human beings also cause changes and development due to their intellectual capabilities. While some of the developments for adaptive living have wreaked havoc in various parts of the world, many other changes have brought about an environment for providing better amenities, health, food, etc. Changes are always a topic for discussion as it is a constant struggle between maintaining status quo versus adopting new ways.

Change is brought about by Human beings using their intellect to reason and question. Science as a medium has empowered common people to question. Societies that repress questioning are witnessing constant upheaval and unrest in parts of the world. Yet, as History reveals, Time serves as the greatest leveler of all things. In the vast expanse of time, some changes survive while other wither away. Great thinkers that shaped societies have questioned and challenged prevailing notions and practices to foster change.

Religious thoughts, philosophies, rituals and practices are also subject to time cycle changes. If it was not challenged, the practice of 'Sati' would still be in vogue. Major and alternate religious philosophies would not stand a chance. Certainly, every thought, practice and ritual need not be discarded. Then culture and heritage as we treasure today will be lost. But they can certainly be questioned to have a better understanding of the ways and thereby practiced or used as intended.

During later nineteenth century and early twentieth century, in the rural town of Shirdi, where community was divided along the lines of religion, caste, creed, wealth and disease there stood tall a fatherly figure, Shri Sai Baba. He dared to challenge and break the differential barriers succeeding in holding together the community in His abode called "Dwarkamai". His tenets are now having an exalted effect in the lives of millions of His followers the world over.

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Your young Devotee

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Shree Guru -

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Sai devotee:
Every moment of life I see Baba standing next to me and guiding me. He alerts me and I avoid the untoward incidents. Though I get annoyed on someone and feel and tell myself the moment I see him or her that I have to pounce on her, immediately Baba tells me not to do so and be cordial. This behavior of mine is because of His guidance and I have achieved success all through and I have seen people commenting 'I Cannot be magnanimous like you'. I am indebted to Baba for giving me this quality to go out of the way and help everybody.


“I require no door to enter. I have no form nor any extension; I always live everywhere. I carry on, as a wirepuller, all the actions of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me.” - Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi


Q: What may be the reasons for the growth of Shirdi Saibaba movement worldwide?

A. by Kirti
I think the most important reason for the growth of Shirdi Saibaba movement worldwide is the “Word of Mouth”. When the time comes for a person to become Baba’s devotee, Baba shines His grace on that person by creating situations so that the person starts noticing the presence of Baba around him/her. Baba creates opportunities for that person to come in contact with His existing devotees who narrate their own experiences with the intention to share their love for Baba but not to persuade the person to become Baba’s devotee. Listening to such unique experiences leave curiosity in the mind of the person and she decides to test Baba herself. If she takes a step forward towards Baba, Baba takes ten steps towards her. If the person is worthy of becoming Baba’s devotee then there is no limit to the bonding that is created gradually between the Guru (Saibaba) and the disciple (the new devotee). This is how one more person is added in the Sai movement. After the new devotee starts practicing Shraddha and Saburi, the two main pillars of Baba’s teachings, then she becomes the channel for helping others to find their unique path towards Baba. This chain reaction escalates the movement. However, each person goes through a unique experience and walks her own path to reach Baba. Baba says “Do not try to impose or interfere with how people pray to me”, so devotees should not analyze each other’s devotion.

Finally, Saibaba temples all over India and abroad and other resources like magazines published by Shirdi Sai Sansthan and newsletter like Sai Vichaar has further strengthened the Sai movement by providing a base to share thoughts and experiences of Baba’s devotees with His followers around the world.


Om Sai Mandir, New York
Om Sai Mandir is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm in Flushing, New York. Devotees living in the tri-state area or those visiting New York desirous of visiting the temple may get more details from www dot OmSaiMandir dot org.


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Q. What can one learn from the experience of Lady devotee of Burhanpore when she visited Sai Baba?

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