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FEATURE: Bayajabai’s Service and Devotion

Bayajabai had extreme love and devotion towards Baba and she used to prepare food and take it to Baba. Bayajabai, wife of Appa Kote Patil and mother of Tatya Kote Patil used to refer to Shri Sainath as her brother. Along with Mahalsapathi and Shama, Bayajabai was one of the earliest people in Shirdi who recognized the divine personality of Shri Sainath. Baijabai and her son Tatya Patil remained very attached to Baba. Tatya used to call Baba, Mama or maternal uncle.

During initial days, Baba used to sit under neem tree or used to wander around in the woods. Bayajabai, not minding the elements, used to take the food and walk in search of Baba in the jungles and feed Him. Bayajabai used to walk long distances in search of Baba and used to feed Him lovingly. She did this diligent service to Shri Sainath for a long time until later days when Baba began to stay in the Masjid. After this, Bayajabai's physical strain of walking around in search of Baba ended. She remained a strong devotee of Baba until her death.

Service or Seva is as important as Bhakthi or devotion. It can be said that service is nothing but love or devotion in action. Bayajabai, the simple-minded devotee of Sainath stands out as an example to everyone in this aspect. Her diligent service to Baba should be a reminder to everyone that treads Baba's path that service offered at the feet of Sadguru, in any form befitting Sadguru's virtues is an important expression of Bhakthi. Bayajabai's episode stands testimony to the virtue of Seva or Service. As Baba Himself assured, Bayajabai's service was amply repaid as Baba took care of her son Tatya Patil. However, that was not in the mind of Bayajabai as she was humbly serving the Lord! The virtue of service should be done with humility and not with any expectation. Seva in the spirit of humility and surrender is the Seva that Bayajabai personified.

(Compiled by Editorial Team)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Closer relationship with Baba

Devotees of Shri Shirdi Sai often ask a question to me - "How to be in closer relationship with Baba?". I have seen them striving in their own way to be close to Shri Sai, even if they are not aware as to what it would mean to be close to Shri Sai. Basically, it is an emotional rapport they would like to develop. The various methods they adopt, according to their stages of consciousness, strength of will, inborn and acquired qualities and faith in Baba, immensely vary.

It is true that the relationship of each disciple with Baba i.e. God will be unique and there cannot be exact second relationship. However, in all such relationships it is seen that the existence of certain common denominators and qualities are a prerequisite. If the devotees understand these qualitative prerequisites which would entail them to be closely drawn by Baba, then the treading of the path would be simpler.

The first such quality as I feel is faith in Him. Mere intellectual faith acquired over a period of time by reading books, discussions etc., may develop certain amount of conviction in him, but this level of faith is not enough. Even though at the earlier stages it may be necessary. People are often seen saying, even publicly, that "I can sacrifice my life for Baba" or that "In this world I can depend on nobody except Him fully". However, if we closely observe their lifestyle, the way they interact with people, their reaction to adversities of others, their reaction to individuals and groups around them in the society, one would find that their proclaimed convictions are mere exercise in substance less assertiveness.

If the faith in Baba is genuine, they would not be indulging in the manipulations they do in relation to other people being fully aware that Baba many times forbade people/reprimanded devotees for committing such acts to satisfy their smallest of interest. We have to watch whether we are acting truthfully, howsoever difficult, according to the advise of Baba. Faith reflects in everyday reality. It is not a mental luxury or a philosophical dream. Therefore, let us seriously think about this strength of our faith in Baba.

(Source: Guruji Shri CB Satpathy ji’s expositions on Sri Saibaba)


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"Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember this well that all what you do is known to Me. I am the inner ruler of all and seated in their hearts.” – Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi


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