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sai dwarkamai
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FEATURE: Where shall I take refuge?

Sri Sadguru Sai Baba, where else shall I take refuge on the face of the earth except in You! Oh Sainath, we, lowly folk, are miserably drowned in this ocean of 'samsara' and gasping with fear and Sai devotees cherish singing of the above verse from kakad arathi, 'Tujha waanchuni aashraya naahi bhutalee'. The emotional outburst of the destitute is nicely captured in the words of Shri Krishna Jogiswar Bhishma, the author of the above verse and similar such verses in Sri Sai arathis. However, the irony is when we see 'Sai devotees’ letting go of the above sentiment as quickly as they come in while singing them and run to every direction in search of solace, appeasing everyone and bowing to every feet. How pathetic would be the situation when one forsakes his own father and forgets that there is no need to go anywhere?

Confidence is the cardinal sign of faith in Sadguru and having faith in Baba "no matter what" is the symbol of a true Sai devotee. When Baba is there to provide even unasked, where is the need to hunt the whole world and soothe all and sundry?

Let this be a day in contemplation of the fact that Sri Sai is the sole provider for a Sai devotee and to Him is offered all pleas and none else.

(Sai Vichaar Team)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Practical Lessons from Sai Satcharitra

I have read Sai satcharitra several times. Each time I read, I get new messages and advice from the book. This is my humble attempt to gather and put together whatever I have understood, few topics at a time, so that it will of immense help to me and all the readers. Sai had ground wheat and asked the villagers to put that at the boundaries of the Shirdi village which protected the villagers from cholera epidemic. The author of Satcharitra says people of Shirdi believed this incident had a philosophical meaning too.

1) Sai ground the wheat almost for sixty years not the wheat alone but the sins, the mental and physical afflictions of his innumerable devotees. The two stones of his mill consist of 'karma' and 'bhakthi' and the former being the lower one and the latter, the upper one of his innumerable devotees.The handle with which Baba worked the mill consist of 'Dhyan'. It was the firm conviction of Baba that knowledge or self realization was not possible without grinding our impulses,desires,sins etc. Here 'Bhakthi' or devotion doesn't mean only devotion to God, but devotion and love to any work we do.Here I understand that whatever work I do, be it household chores or official work, if I do it with love and passion (devotion) and with (dhyan) focus then I am sure to achieve success and happiness.

2) Sai advises not to involve too much in debate and discussion .It is the egoism which breeds discussion and the end result is we lose our peace of mind. Here, I understand that we cannot control or change others or their opinion by arguments .we can only influence them positively by empathy.

3) Das Ganu hears a poor girl who had worn torn and tattered clothes singing happily a song and the theme of it was to posses a beautiful sari. When she was gifted a beautiful sari she wore it and was very happy and the next day she again wore her torn and tattered clothes, but her state of mind was happy as always. From this incident, I understand that happiness is a state of mind. Let us aim to achieve our goal in a happy state of mind rather than postpone happiness to after achieving our goal. Which means let happiness be our journey rather than our destination.

4) Sai condemned a slanderer and compared his behavior with a pig which gulped others filth with relish.Here, I understand that I should never gossip.

5) Baba always advised that the workers dues should be paid promptly and liberally so that there is no ill feeling between the workers and the employers. So taking Baba's advice, I pay my staff promptly and liberally.

(A devotee of Shirdi Sai)


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In topsy-turvy heart -
silently enters Shree Guru
becomes steadfast and calm

(Sai Vichaar Team)


Ashis Nath
I was posted in Hyderabad though I am from Kolkata. I was separated from my family. They were here in Kolkata and I was there far away. I could not bear this. I fell ill but was unable to leave my job. I was not aware of Baba's grace. Once one of my colleagues advised me to go to Sai Mandir and pray. I started doing that. I used to go every Sunday to Panjagutta Sai Temple, Hyderabad. Within just one year I got my transfer order and now I am posted in my home town. Though my friends helped me a lot in getting my transfer order, I know Sai did that through my friends. Baba, I am yours only as long as I am alive.

S. Ram
I very much wanted to see my sister married. She was having difficulty getting an alliance. I read Sai Satcharitra and prayed that if her wedding happens successfully I would post my experience here. My sister did get married and the marriage happened very nicely. I want to express my gratitude for the same even if delayed.


“If you listen to me carefully, you will benefit. Sitting in this masjid, I never speak the untruth” - Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi


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