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Seated in Dwarkamai

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FEATURE: King or Pauper?

Saibaba is felt and experienced in many ways by people. Each individual looks at Saibaba according to his or her own circumstances. The destitute of Shirdi those days looked at him as their savior for their very livelihoods depended on Baba’s one single gesture. Bhagoji Shinde was one such person who took refuge in Sri Sai’s dwarakamayi and was totally dependent on Baba for his daily food and livelihood. For him, Baba was the king and more. At the same time, there were kings and princes, and those with royal sumptuousness, came looking for a begging fakir in Shirdi as they might have heard, only to leave dumbfounded by the nobility and unconditional love of Baba. High caste, haughty and orthodox were humbled by the modesty of Sri Sai. At times Baba had to choose to humiliate some so as to bring the right transformation in them, Megha and Haji to name a couple.

Is Baba a king or a pauper? Radhakrishna ayi, an eminent devotee, looked upon as the reincarnation of Meera, was one person who did yeomen service to Baba and his devotees of those days. She transformed Shirdi into a Sansthan, a Royal court, and Baba a king. Sri Saibaba’s abode grew materially rich starting from those days prior to 1918, while Baba himself “begged” a few morsels from a handful of houses. “Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai” was the chant that reverberated the alleys of Shirdi as the king gently strolled down from the masjid to the chavadi. Is Baba a king or a pauper?

It is undisputable that Sri Saibaba is a spiritual master of the highest order. His influence on those who came to him was beyond any particular religion or school of thought. Baba is known as a Yogi, Gnani, Bhaktha, Guru, Sadguru and many such titles are ascribed to him. It is a practice to address people of such a highest spiritual state as “Maharaj”, like Akkalkot Maharaj, Gajanan Maharaj, Upasani Maharaj, and so on. While the world called Baba the greatest spiritual master, Baba himself said, “allah malik” and that he was only a servant of God. Is Baba a king or pauper?

Intellectual debates such as the above have no end. Shirdi Saibaba is still an enigma and one dives more and more into his stories and contemplate on his nature, more elusive he seems to become. What is needed is to put the dissecting mind to rest and stay with one’s personal experience of Baba, keep in heart his love and stay in that awareness. That is the sign of a life well lived for a Sai devotee.

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Hallmarks of Sai devotee!

The hallmark of Shirdi Sai devotee is forgiveness, forbearance, imbibing the teachings of the master in their lives and not to indulge in habits or actions that the master explicitly forbade. It is very clear that He expressed displeasure and discouraged His devotees to interfere in the path of others, even when the erring devotee did so out of love and reverence to Him (refer to Mavsi Bai story).

He was neither proud nor cared for fame or reputation. People addressed him as Sayin Maharaj (refer to Kharparde diary), Hazarat Sai Baba, Fakir, mad man, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Incarnation, God, Guru, Pir or Baba, yet He constantly invoked “God is the Master”. He forsook his christened name and lovingly accepted the name “Sai” bestowed by the village priest, Mahlsapathy upon his arrival in Shirdi along with the marriage party of Chand Patil’s nephew.

He stayed and chose to serve pseudo Guru Jawahar Ali in Rahata much to the displeasure and discontent of devotees in Shirdi. He expressly discouraged unruly behavior or creating uproar and urged them to accept the situation. In the case of Rohilla, He gave more significance to the utterances of God’s glory than showing off knowledge as in the case of Haji. Reviewing Satcharita brings forth many more stories to mind.

In the village of Shirdi, He daily wove the fabric of tolerance, compassion, love, empathy and relationships to foster unity among diversity in the community. With the twin tenets of faith and patience, the devotee endeavors to continue Shirdi Sai’s legacy. It augurs well for the devotee to ignore other distractions and pursue the path laid down by our beloved perfect master.

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)


baba in sky
Baba in space

Henal Patel Age 14

My painting in left is to show how Baba is watching us from space.  He is always with us and listens to our prayers.


A stormy life being crossed

how soothing

with Guru’s grace in one’s heart.

(Sai Vichaar Team)


Sai Devotee
Last thursday my daughter lost her purse in which she was having her pan card,office id some cash. I was praying Baba that if I get my purse by evening I will share my experience in ' DEVOTEES EXPERIENCE " which I am sharing it and daughter got her purse by evening. Baba, you are great.

At times in life you are on a cross road and seek help from Baba and it's always available. The prerequisite is cent percent firm faith but not blind faith.The patience is something that we need to engrain in us.

One incident where I had the experience of the infinite blessings of Baba was when I was coming back from Florida in Jan 2010. On our last day of travel at a Disney Park I developed a severe fever. There was some fatigue before that but this fever shot up like anything. I was shivering. We quickly went to our hotel and I had had to just get inside my bed with four blankets. That night was our last night in Florida and it was a weekend. I had the option to go to emergency room but I decided to take rest. That night I prayed to Shri Sai that my instrument of body that is a gift from almighty needs to be fixed right now. I am not sure what had triggered this but after that I puked a couple of times. When i woke up in the morning i was without fever. It seemed as if nothing had happened. Again my logical mind is not able to comprehend this but my subconscious mind with the infinite intelligence is capable of healing my body. When our subconscious can achieve things that your conscious can't even imagine we can call it as a miracle but in essence it's the blessings that can transcend and make you whole.

Baba has mentioned about total surrender . This doesn't mean inaction but complete action with firm faith.The action is a prayer for a loved one , it is work done for philanthropy or to facilitate the world to be a better place.

May the blessings for Shri Sai continue to shower on us and his leelas(sport) continue to guide us in this world and beyond.

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“Baba, Your word is law unto us, we do not know any other ordinance.  We remember You always, meditate on Your form and obey You day and night, we do not know or consider whether it is right or wrong to kill, we do not want to reason or discuss things, but implicit and prompt compliance with Guru's orders, is our duty and Dharma” - Kakasaheb Dixit quoted in Sri Sai Satcharita


Q: Out of Devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature who do you like most and why?

A. Lorraine Walshe-Ryan, Sydney, Australia
I love Shama for his intimacy with Baba, he never held back and spoke from his heart. Baba did state that Shama was with him for 72 generations. I love Shama's questioning of Baba, his idle threats to Baba ie. "I will break this coconut on this Diva's head if you do not bear a child within a year", as related in the Sai Satcharita, Shama's fearlessness but his great love of Baba. Baba loved it too.

I feel very close to Shama, my life with my Baba is just filled with love and adoration for Baba, no fears, many tears (longing for Him always). Some of the funny things that Baba and I get upto is exactly that, humourous, for Baba has such a wit about him. Last year when I went to Shirdi, prior to arriving, we drove the back for I love viewing the sugarcane fields. I was so excited about reaching Shirdi and looked at the fields ahead. I clearly saw Baba, Shama and me running through the fields together. This was no dream, but a reality. My driver could not understand my animation nor my language, but my Baba heard my heart.

With due respect to all Baba's devotees, I also love Abdul Baba. I have always been drawn to his abode whenever I am in Shirdi and his relations never fail to bless me and were kind enough to allow me to hold one of Baba's satka's as well as His zoli that they have in an old tin box. Likewise with Mhalsapathi and Khandoba temple. I feel like I literally know them all. Must not leave out Megha either, love him too. Baba bless us all.

(Please note: This article first appeared in June 2010 and is repeated for benefit of readers).


Adpoted at 4 by Shirdi Sai, man dies at 108
Times of India reported from Chennai on May 11, 2016 that an abandoned boy who started his life at the feet of Shirdi Sai Baba, he grew up to be Swami Ganeshananda Giri. After spreading the word about the saint across the country, he came back to his land at the age of 108 and breathed his last on April 29.   To read this story and anecdotes from his life about Shirdi Sai, please visit


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Q. Out of Devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature who do you like most and why?

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