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Thursday April 21, 2016
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Baba Serving Food
Tip of the Week:

“ Shree Guru Bhagavat is complimentary to Shri Sai Satcharita. Try reading and decide for yourselves. ” --Editor.

FEATURE: The privilege of those belonging

Koi poojath peer paigambar,
Koi poojath digambar,
Ek tatwa sab bhakt ke andar,
Sai sanaatan sundar!

The mystery of Saibaba’s origins, his birth, background, and ways have usurped the poet in many ways resulting in epithets such as the above. Eminent musician late Sri Panduranga Dixit extolls the worship of Sai thus –

Some pray to you as the Muslim holy men, the prophet himself,
While some worship you as Digambar, that fills all quarters of space;
It is the One principle that is in everyone,
Oh Sai, you are verily the magnificence that is eternal

It has been 97 years since Sri Saibaba left His mortal body. Yet, He is in everyone’s heart and the number of people thronging at His abode is growing exponentially. Many places of worship coming up in all parts of the world is testimony to the growing phenomenon known as Saibaba. One important facet to this growth is the appeal of Saibaba not only to followers of many religions but also to those who do not follow any religion and yet are in look out for guidance. Baba said, “I have to take care of my people, if I don’t who else will”! In such terms He spoke of His unconditional willingness to protect and guard those who belonged to Him. The only prerogative for those who belong to Baba is to rest in the very awareness of that belonging and lead a meaningful life.

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Shri Guru Bhagavat - A Timeless Treasure

Written by Dr. C. B. Satpathy in rhythm of nine metre (per line) in Odia (since translated in English and all major Indian languages), consisting of about 16000 couplets, 'Shri Guru Bhagavat', highlights the quintessence of the principles at work in the roles and relationships of the Spiritual Masters and their devotees.

Shree Guru performs the role to help in the spiritual evolution of human being in this world and beyond during the transmigration of the Soul. Following the lives of their disciples from birth to death to rebirth, they rear them with love and provide help and protection as needed for the devotees to evolve. Reading this principle of Shree Guru, a story from the life of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba comes to mind of his disciple Nana Chandorkar where Shri Shirdi Sai expressly stated that He was following Chandorkar from seventy two lives and it is just a fact that the Master knew whereas the disciple was ignorant. Similarly another Perfect Master, Shri Ramakrishna Parmahansa comes to mind where he reared young Narendra who went to torch the light of Hinduism in the world as Swami Vivekananda.

The definition of characteristics of devotees, both pure and impure, in the book find parallel in the many stories of disciples from the lives of Perfect Masters. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba is known to have reprimanded a devotee for gossiping behind someone's back. Shri Ramana Maharishi showed displeasure with a female devotee because she became jealous of another devotee from Andhra Pradesh and Maharishi created circumstances leading to the realization of her mistake.

Similarly many such stories from the lives of various Saints (across the world) pertaining to the vast nature of Shree Guru and their relationship with their disciples can be better understood if the principles expounded in Shri Guru Bhagavat can be assimilated for their commonality and purpose.

In Shri Guru Bhagavat, Shree Guru is depicted as a paragon of cosmic love and storehouse of spiritual knowledge. It deals with both vertical and spatial dimensions of Spirituality. In the vertical dimension the work goes to describe the principles of spiritual evolution and ascension of the Human being from the stage of a 'Jiva' (a seed) to the highest spiritual plane of union with the divinity. On the spatial dimension the work describes the various aspects of that journey and the various elements intertwined among them.

Serving as a reference book for an advanced spiritual seeker to guiding a new spiritual aspirant, Shri Guru Bhagavat by Dr. C. B. Satpathy is a must read for all.

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)


Sai Baba - by Simran Age 15 yrs

We are proud
In a crowd
And alone
On our own

We are smart
We are filled with art
We are kind
We are in one mind

We belong to God inside
And from Baba we cannot hide
Sai Baba is within us
Awake, Slumber, Dream or Sleep!

(Young devotees are encouraged to submit their article, drawing, painting, etc.)


Perceptible –

Imperceptible are the ways

The Guru inures

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)



I lost my purse with money, driving license, vehicle license, insurance papers,etc. while returning home in my bike with my mother couple of days back. Again we went back on the same road to try our luck,but could not locate it.

My parents did not look much worried as both of them had a strong feeling that some one will find it and return to me.

I got a phone call after about 5 hours of losing the purse from a stranger who got my phone number from the Insurance Paper and he introduced himself as a Islamic Gentleman- Mr Yousuf who noticed the purse lying on the road and initially thought that the purse belonged to another person who was driving in front of him and followed that person a long way to realize that it was not his.

This gentleman was nice to fix a venue for meeting which happened to be near a Sai Temple and handed over the purse to me and asked me to be careful in future. I checked the contents of the purse and everything was in tact. He bid good bye and I reached home and narrated what had happened. My Parents told me that the person who brought the lost purse is none one other than our beloved Sai. My Parents asked me to take all the money out from the purse and offer it to the nearest Sai Temple in their Hundi which I did.

Thank you Sai for protecting me when I was a small child in the same road and now some 20 years later sending someone to recover the lost purse on the same road.

Om Sai Ram


“Remember that rainy clouds come to pass. I am always there with you” - Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi


Q: Why should one follow or adhere to the path shown by Shirdi Sai Baba?

A. Sai Devotee
If we follow Baba's plan on how to live it makes us deserving of His blessings. My prayer is always asking to be shown the Right Path and given the ability to follow it. Baba is pure love and gives us every sweet gift at the right time when we can enjoy it to the fullest. Even when a wish seems to be ignored it is because it is not in our best interest and not for any other reason. We are extremely fortunate to have Baba directing our life.

A. Sujata B
In these times of Kalyugh humans have many a challenges and face hurdles all the time. We often loose our path and it is so easy to take away focus and belief. We get engulfed in our daily lives with work and providing our families with all their needs. Therefore if we allow the path of Shirdi Sai Baba to be incorporated with our daily lives, we will lighten the burden and challenges. The promise that Baba gives us 'leave in my hands what you have no control of' is the essence of all challenges. When you adhere to Baba's way you not only have a balanced daily life, you also enrich your spiritual being by doing your daily chores as 'seva' to Baba himself. Nothing seems a burden. You enlighten yourself and above all the happiness you experience within radiates to all around you. Start with small steps by simply lighting your diva in the morning and remembering Shirdi Baba and keep your self discipline in place throughout the day. When you serve mankind you are serving Baba. At the end of the day let your grace be to Baba thanking him to make you an instrument of his following.

A. Your Answer
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Q. Why should one follow or adhere to the path shown by Shirdi Sai Baba?

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