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Thursday, April 14, 2016
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Sri Ramnavami will be celebrated the world over on April 15th. Please mark your calendar for a day of service at a Baba temple near by you or at home.” --Editor.


In 1897 Gopalrao Gund was inspired to start Urus in Shirdi in honor of Sri Saibaba. This was a gesture of gratitude from Gopalrao Gund for the blessings he received from Baba. Fifteen years later, the festivities were transformed into Sri Ramanavami since those two occasions coincided around the same time of the year as Sri Ramanavami. Today, Sri Ramanavami is celebrated with gaiety and pomp by Sai devotees all over the world. The festival stands as a testimony to communal harmony as people of various faiths and different sections of society come and participate.

Those who are faithful to Sri Saibaba and have had their lives transformed for good show their gratitude by expressing it. Many such incidents can be mentioned from Sai Satcharitha such as Shri Sathe’s decision to build a permanent place of residence in Shirdi, Shri Kaka Dixit’s total surrender to Baba, Newaskar’s practice of offering his produce first to Baba. Sapatnekar’s unflinching faith and confidence in Baba’s disposition.

Gratitude is the hallmark of a Sai devotee. Baba said, “my business is to give blessings”, and he is unequivocal in giving His assurance as “if I don’t take care of my men who else will?” His love and protection of his devotees is unconditional and what a devotee can reciprocate is only to show the gratitude by expressing the love and devotion to Sri Saibaba. Today, there are places of worship and gatherings for Sai devotees all across the world. One such expression of gratitude can be visiting those places of Sai worship and participating in the activities within one’s means. Expression of gratitude makes one experience the happiness more.

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Sai’s prophecy continues to unfold

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi never left the boundaries of Rahata and Nimgaon on either side of Shirdi totaling around ten kilometers from his dwelling ‘Dwarkamai’ during his earthly sojourn. Yet, today in many cities around the world His devotees eagerly await the Master’s arrival in a new abode close to their homes.

Dr. C. B. Satpathy explains in his various talks, “it is documented in the publications of that time, that incarnation of the age Shri Sai Baba, prophesied during his lifetime that He will abide in lanes and by-lanes in the years to come”. Combining the homes of devotees and temples around the world where Baba resides, his prophecy continues to unfold.

At that point of time, His utterances were neither taken seriously nor understood by the common folk in the villageof Shirdi, which, during the late nineteenth-early twentieth century, away from the hustle bustle was a sleepy town of only a few homes of people primarily engaged in agriculture and small trade.

Presently, even Shirdi has not escaped development and the village itself has transformed into a modern township. When today the life led by our ancestors in the past seems ancient and difficult to perceive, one can well imagine how difficult it may have been then for the villagers to comprehend the greatness of this mighty spiritual personality in future times to come.

To one who is not initiated in the path of Shri Sai, the phenomenon of “Saism” and its exponential growth is mind-boggling and awes them. However for a Sai devotee, such events form a part of unfolding of the Master’s plan, fuelled by devotion and commitment of those who are given a specific role to fulfill.

May Shri Sai devotees always rejoice at the arrival of Shri Sai at another abode of His where He will continue to hold his “Darbar” and attend to the needs of his ever-growing devotees fulfilling the prophecy and promise He made a century ago.

(Source: Sai Vichaar Team)


Ishani Ghosh, Age 15 
I drew a sunrise. For me, Baba is the Sun and I'm the water. Because of Baba's blessings, I shine everyday, especially in the morning when I  have school. The skies in my painting have many different colors. The skies reflect my emotions everyday - Happy and tiered. But because of Baba, my tiredness goes away and I'm left felling happy just like the ocean in my painting. The ocean's color is what I feel at the end of the day. I love the beaches. This painting defines my relationship with Baba. Baba is my universe. This painting has all the elements of the universe - sky, earth, water, wind and fire. 

(Young devotees are encouraged to submit their article, drawing, painting, etc.)


Overcoming fear and apprehension –

With faith and patience

Should one walk with Baba 


T. Maharana

How can I myself , say that in all my deed and faith I fully surrender to Sai, for I cannot judge my own action. It is He who will judge me. But, I am beginning to feel that even an iota of faith in Sai will move Him to come to rescue us from the welter of misfortune and bad times we may find ourselves in. Simply, close your eyes, pray for His blessings, His benevolence will pour on you like the holy Ganges descending down from heavens. 

Just yesterday, I was talking to one of my relatives, inquiring about the health of his family members. He, a staunch devotee of Lord Sai informed me that his wife was not keeping well for almost a couple of weeks. I felt immensely sad and helpless , and silently sought His blessings so that my relative's wife would recover fast. She has been a pillar of strength in the family and the entire happiness of the family centred around her. Without knowing how to sympathize , I sent a text to my friend saying " I pray Shirdi Sai to make her get well soon. In coming Sept. we will visit Shirdi to seek His blessings for well-being of both our families". At night , before I slept, I envisioned the sacred throne of Lord,  with Sai looking lovingly to all his devotees, wiping out the last shade of  the human sufferings and tears from myriad eyes.

I woke up this morning lazily, expecting nothing unusual. Just routinely opened the mobile. Flashed an sms from my friend which read " Good morning; Thank you , for your prayers gave fruitful results. She is recovering very fast. Regards."

I am moved Sai, moved by your compassion and blessings which you have so generously showered on me. I know, I am not a first-rate devotee. I may be a passing sort of devotee, just one in the crowd. But, I am stunned to  realise that He loves and cares even for those who care little for Him. Yes, Sai takes care of His entire flock: the obedient and disciplined , as also those like me who are a legion and part of the crowd.


“My treasury is always open for anyone. You can take away as much as you want from my treasure.” - Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi


Q: Why should one follow or adhere to the path shown by Shirdi Sai Baba?

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Shri Ram Navami 2016 Celebrations
Shri Ramnavami celebrations will be held at Shirdi and in Baba temples across the world this week.  The ninth day of Hindu calendar month of Chaitra is designated for Sri Ramnavami Celebrations.  Please visit a temple near by or pray at home as per your convenience.


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Q. Why should one follow or adhere to the path shown by Shirdi Sai Baba?

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